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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Unit A ₱ 21,504,000 191 sqm
Unit C ₱ 15,344,000 138 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: No Down Payment Scheme
Contract Price payable within 30 months
Option 2:10% Spot, 60% - 30 months; 30% -3 balloon
10% Spot payable within 7 days upon reservation
60% Downpayment payable in 30 months
30% remaining payable Balloon payment due 10th, 20th and 30th
Option 3: 20-80 Schemes
20% of the Contract Price payable in 18 months
80% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing or Cash

Why Circulo Verde Garden Homes?

Premium Location

The Circulo Verde Garden Homes are closely located to Metro Manila's major access roads such as Edsa, C-5, Katipunan Avenue Marcos Highway, Ortigas Avenue, and Marcos Highway. It is also within close proximity to major commercial districts like Makati and Ortigas Center.

This strategic location gives the homeowners great value for their money as the property will keep on increasing in value at the same time allowing them to access luxurious facilities within.

Innovative design

The Circulo Verde Garden Homes developer has made it a point to develop housing units with a luxury feel and provides the homeowners with comfort and privacy. On top of the design, each unit comes with expansive spaces and a clean luxurious finish to give your family a humble time and pleasant feel.


The developer acknowledges that your family and investment are important. Right from the planning sketch to the final construction, the developer ensures that the whole property is safe from natural calamities. Due care and intelligence have been put into while coming up with the technical design, which shields against the effects of nature, from typhoons to earthquakes. Installed in its very foundation is a widespread flood protection network. This includes but not limited to a 1 km retaining wall surrounding the property, automated floodgates, flood canal, and a backup pump system. The entire community is also elevated by 8 meters from the nearby Marikina River.

Lots of green space

The developer has carefully tried to keep the turbulence of nature away, the property yields to its natural beauty. The property is full of pedestrian friendly pavements and open living spaces. The property carefully integrates and works with the natural curved terrain and keeps 70% of the terrain green. These green spaces are full of playgrounds, open spaces, high trees and carpets of grass. The landscape atriums provide an excellent backyard experience within the property. It also has interwoven an energy efficient, conservation, and sustainable concept.

 You will spend quality time with your family and friends or even choose to lose those extra pounds by jogging with your pet or even swim at the pool.

Flexible payment system

One of the biggest hurdles that most aspiring homeowners face while acquiring a home is the lack of a flexible payment scheme that allows them to pay for their investment under their own terms. The tedious paperwork doesn't make things better either.

However, the Circulo Verde Garden Homes developer ensures that all this dust is settled by affording affordable and also gives homeowners a chance to pay using flexible terms.

Some of these payment options include;

No down payment scheme

This is probably the easiest schemes of them all as it does not require the homeowner to pay any down payment. However, they are required to pay the total outstanding amount should be payable within 2 ½ years.

Spot option

Upon reservation, the homeowner is supposed to deposit 10% of the total contract price within 7 days. After the first down payment, they are required to pay a second one totaling to 60% within the preceding 2 ½ years while the third and final 30% is payable within the agreed date in a specific month.

20-80 schemes

The homeowner is supposed to pay a portion totaling of 20% of the total contract price within 18 months. The remaining 80% can be paid in cash or through a bank financing agreement.


Buying a home that does not suit your taste and preference can take the little wind you could be having in your sail. The fast uptake of the Circulo Verde Garden Homes units is an indication that many home owners really trust the developer.

The growing demand among young families and professionals to own a respectable decent home in exclusive gated communities has seen property developers striving to afford tailor-made houses for this niche, which has by far and large remained ignored. It is worthy to note that a majority of the middle-income earners remain locked up due to high costs and lack of flexible payment systems and that is the gap that Circulo Verde Garden Homes is looking to bridge. The units tick every up to date home's requirements but come at an affordable price and the payments installments are stretched to reflect affordability and flexibility. It is truly a highlight of an integrated community with close proximity to major urban centers, schools, hospitals, and commercial districts.

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